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Do you have a dog who's a bit "ruff around the edges?" Need your dog to listen better, mind their manners, and learn more obedience? Having behavior problems? Looking for an outlet for your dog? A way to fulfill those doggy instincts and get out some of that extra energy? Our training and enrichment services can give you everything you need to have a Happy Hound and a happy YOU! Check it out below.

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Rachel, Dog Trainer in Milton Florida

Hi, I’m Rachel.

My passion for dog training started in middle school when I was given my first puppy, a Jack Russell mix that loved to learn new things. We went on to compete in obedience and agility. In college, I needed a new challenge and found service dog puppy raising. I was given the opportunity to train and help supervise training for puppies in the program. From there, I trained my own service dog, a Golden Retriever named Flynn. Unfortunately, when I moved to Florida from my home state of Kentucky, I realized there weren't many options in the area for agility or other fulfilling activities for my dogs. So I decided to provide them myself here in Milton! Through training and competing, I’ve been able to teach others how to train their dogs. I’ve taught classes from puppy to advanced obedience to agility and competition lessons. I love helping dogs learn new skills and helping owners not only have dog with better manners and obedience, but also enrich their lives and the owner/dog relationship through exercise and activity. I can't wait to see what kind of adventure I can help provide for you and your dog!


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