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Book a FREE no-risk evaluation now through Oct 30th to win $500 off a "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" dog training program!


You're just 60 days (or less) away from having a Reliable Dog!

See more info below, including pricing, then book a no-risk consultation with us.

Even if you decide not to work with us, you'll still get some awesome insight about your dog.

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This program does require time and effort, but after just 60 days, you’ll enjoy lifelong benefits and be able to do things with your dog that you never thought possible!


  • Things like going hiking, traveling, touring local restaurants & bars, having peace & quiet at home. Yes, all while enjoying time with your dog.


  • No more fighting with the family about the dog, no more emergency vet bills, no more wasting money on gimmicky “magic” dog training tools that don’t work.

  • No more feelings of hopelessness and not knowing where to start or how to get your dog to behave.

By the time this program is over, you’ll know EXACTLY how to get your dog to listen. And not only that, your dog will be making better behavioral choices ON THEIR OWN without you constantly having to lock your dog up, keep them on a leash, chase them around, or shout all the time.

There's only one catch:

You have to be committed these next 60 days.

This program is for you if:

  • You have a puppy and want to prevent long-term issues + teach great obedience.

  • Have a "teenage" dog (1-3years) who is running a muck at home or not listening.

  • Have an dog who has a behavior problem like anxiety or aggressiveness.​

  • Or you just want to give your dog his best chance at life! After all, they don't live long.

Pricing & Benefits

Our "Reliable Dog in 60 days" system can help you with ANY dog behavior problems whether you choose our Private coaching or Bootcamp program including but not limited to lack of obedience, listening problems, anxiety, fear and/or aggression.

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Financing available for ALL credit types.

Applying will not affect your credit score.

Click here to apply today and see your options!


Not ready for a big program? Try month to month training!

  • It's a win-win. You pay on a month-to-month basis and we keep our calendars chock-full. Here's how it works:

  • learn how to solve common dog behavior problems like jumping up, bad leash manners, not coming when called, and more.

  • Pay a monthly subscription and claim up to 3 lessons/month.

  • Book your lessons for the month, come to training.

  • Cancel anytime. Most clients reach their goals for their dog in 1-2 months.

  • Equipment and satisfaction guarantee not included*

Starting at:

$395/mo until cancelled

*Pricing is subject to quantity of dogs in training. Satisfaction guarantee is subject to terms and conditions. Read our contract.


Learning that lasts a lifetime!

*Our most popular program*

  • 60 days of owner-coaching to help you achieve all your desired results AND gives you the knowledge you need to train your dogs for a lifetime.

  • Includes a combination of 5 in-person lessons and 4 home study lessons.

  • Unlimited remote help (via our app) for when you're at home.

  • Online follow-along course

  • Safe classes provided free of charge for extra socialization & distraction proofing. These classes are available to you for your dog's lifetime!

  • All necessary training equipment included in price.

  • Satisfaction guarantee.*

Starting at:

$1695 one time fee

Financing available for ALL credit types. Applying will not effect your credit score. Click here to apply.


We do the training, you learn virtually, then bring home your new dog!

  • 30 days of bootcamp to transform your dog.

  • Virtual learning for you +30 days of unlimited lessons as desired.

  • Daily video updates and owner-training via our app (plus remote help when your dog comes home)

  • Online follow-along course

  • Your dog visits some beautiful local places for socialization & distraction proofing + join our ongoing social class after training for free. They're available to you for a lifetime!

  • All necessary training equipment included in price.

  • Satisfaction guarantee.​*

Starting at:

$2995 one time fee

Financing available for ALL credit types. Applying will not effect your credit score. Click here to apply.



Had been through several "puppy classes".

"Although our puppy had been through three complete 6-week obedience sessions at a big name pet store and even attained her Good Canine Citizen status, we were still having issues with her being rowdy, jumping up (she weighs 50 lbs), pulling and lunging while on leash, etc. We noticed a huge difference in Liberty with our first session with Tara! She would walk without pulling us over and even my husband, who had a fractured back and balance issues at the time, could walk her without concern of pain or being pulled over. She has since, with just a couple more of Tara's sessions, learned to calm herself, perfect recall, and much more. Tara explains the canine psyche and takes you step-by-step through how to get the results you want. Liberty has truly become the companion dog we were wanting. I could not more highly recommend Happy Hound Dog Obedience."

Pensacola FL | client testimonial | Happy Hound Dog Training


Owned an anxious pit-mix

"Tara is an amazing dog trainer. She took my year old rescue from a dog with no manners and no obedience to a dog that gets compliments about his behavior. When I first got him he had food aggression issues, now he waits patiently in a sitting position looking at me until I give the command “okay eat!” I can also reach down and grab his food while he is in the middle of eating and he has no reaction. He had no leash manners and now I’ve gotten to the point where I can walk off leash with him with confidence...squirrels/cats no the rare occurrence he does get excited and start moving to chase one simple call of his name and he stops dead in his tracks! He now sits and stays! For a dog that never received socialization when he was younger Tara’s Saturday classes have helped him ten-fold! It is a great way to socialize, learn new techniques, and tricks my only regret is not being able to go to more! I would go nowhere else but Tara! It’s great getting compliments from people about his manners and behavior! Thanks Tara!"

Here's how it works.

For the next 60 days, we'll walk you through a plan. Step by step.

Yes, this training will be tailored to the issues or goals you have with your dog, no matter how specific they are.

But by and large, dog behavior issues usually come from one (or more) of these problems:

Impulse Control Problems, Lifestyle problems or Mindset Problems. Meaning either your dog lacks impulse control and needs to be taught it, something about your daily routine with your dog is accidentally encouraging the behavior, or your dog has a funny (and incorrect) way of viewing the human world- think of a dog who gets scared of a bag blowing in the wind for example.

The good news is, we can show you how to treat AND prevent those issues one step at a time.

To get to the root of these problems, your dog first needs

1.) Reliable Obedience (listening to you the first time, every time and quickly)- giving us the control needed to start

2.) Distraction "Proofing" and

3.) Exposure and Socialization.

We help you cover all three in just 60 days or less!

Combine these three things and your dog starts to gain more discipline. Behavior issues start to slowly disappear and your dog learns better impulse control, all while learning some super reliable obedience in the process.

Other helpful features of our program...

24/7 dog training help.

24/7 virtual access to your trainer outside of lessons via our app. With the push of a button, ask behavior questions, get feedback on your home training sessions and more. We know it's hard to leave your dog anywhere so we also use this app to send you daily updates and train YOU during board & trains.

Healthy social gatherings.

Dogs parks can be rough! We provide the ideal environment to get your dog around a well-behaved pack of dogs (and people). Get your dog listening  & paying attention to you around new distractions on a regular basis. (Typically held every other week)

Online follow-along course.

Online access to the entire training process including

how-to-videos by Happy Hound, PDF’s & additional tutorials from some of the best dog trainers worldwide, all in one place. You'll get access to this the minute you sign up and we'll help you in using and accessing this course if you need guidance.



A well-behaved puppy reflects well on you!

People often ask us if our "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" program is right for their puppy, and the answer is Yes!... as long as your puppy is prepared.

Typically, when your puppy is 8-20 weeks old, your biggest focus should be on potty training and socialization.


Sure, it's annoying when you walk into an accident on the floor, or you find an item your puppy decided to use as his personal chew-toy, and we can help you resolve those problems! But we've seen lots of very serious behavioral issues in adult dogs crop up over time- mostly from a lack of socialization and solid training as puppies. So despite the pee stains and chewed up shoes, what we want to help you prevent most is issues like fear, aggression, and poor listening skills. So here's how we help with that:

When your puppy is under 5 months old, they're still a little "immature". They need time to go through the developmental phases needed for them to understand more advanced concepts. It's for this reason that we don't start the "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" program with puppies until they reach 6 months of age.

But in the meantime, our drop-in puppy classes can help you teach your dog the basic skills they need right now to thrive.

In this class, we teach YOU how to potty train your dog at home, how to address nipping and chewing, as well as starting to introduce them to commands that you'll want to make more reliable later such as walking nicely on leash and coming when called, even around distractions.

Our puppy class is the perfect stepping stone into making sure your PUPPY grows up to be a great DOG. We also offer discounts on our advanced adult training (i.e. the RD:60 program) after puppy class!

So sign up for our puppy class today! If you can commit yourself to this class, you'll not only have a wonderful puppy who's obedience is miles ahead of others his age, but also has the fundamental skills needed to be taught reliable behavior once they reach that 6-month milestone and beyond.

We put a lot of time and care into our puppy program, hire trainers with extensive puppy-raising experience, keep our classes small, AND get you better results than you'll get at any big box store.


Our puppy class is a drop-in style so there are no fixed dates like traditional classes. Instead, this puppy class is held twice a month on Saturdays and there are 3 available time slots. Drop-in anytime during these Saturdays at 10am, 11am or 12pm for your puppy training.


The cost of drop-in puppy classes is $95/mo. Cancel your puppy subscription anytime, even if you plan to do more training when your puppy gets older. If you sign your puppy up for adult training (i.e. The RD:60 program) ahead of time, your first month of puppy training is free! Space is limited so don't delay.

Book your first drop-in puppy lesson here! It's free!



We're located in East Milton and welcome customers all over the Gulf Coast to visit and train at our facility.


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