This isn't what I had in mind when I got a dog...

When you get a dog, you imagine: 

  • Taking a calm, leisurely walk with your dog in the neighborhood after work.

  • Long off-leash hikes or walks on the beach.

  • Your dog happily romping with other dogs at the park

  • Taking your dog on family road trips and camping excursions

  • Your dog growing old with your family and having nothing but good memories of him.

  • You paint a Disney-like picture in your head of what life ought to be like with "man's best friend".

Then reality smacks you in the face...

  • You end up putting your dog in their crate when guests come over because he can't settle down or stop jumping. Or maybe your dog doesn't even like guests!

  • Walking your dog is painful (and sometimes scary) instead of being a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

  • You can't take your dog anywhere because you can't trust them to behave themselves. (Just taking them to the vet is a hassle.)

  • You feel guilty because this isn't the kind of life you intended to give your dog, but it's what you've been resigned to.

And the worst part of it all... you don't know how to fix it.

Believe it or not, you CAN have a dog that's reliable! A dog who understands boundaries, is calm when you need them to be, is trustworthy on AND off-leash, who listens at home, and in new and distracting places, even if you think you've already "tried everything".

A lot of people think

"If I could just solve this ONE problem with my dog, life would be so much better".


How do I get my dog to stop barking every time the wind blows? How do I stop them from pulling and lunging on the leash? How do I get them to listen when a distraction is present?

If you want a good dog, there's more to it than that.


The truth is, you don't want your dog to simply stop doing that ONE bad behavior that drives you nuts...

WHAT YOU WANT  is a well-behaved dog in all areas of life.  A dog that is trustworthy and reliable whenever the situation calls for it....Right? 


If you want a trustworthy and reliable dog, they need to be trained in all of these areas:

That's why I created my Reliable Dog in 60 days program.


After many years as a dog trainer, I realized that about 10% of the time I would use a special approach or technique to solve a specific problem for the dog as an individual. 


But the other 90% of the time, I was using a systematized process I had learned that was not only effective for getting good behavior out of dogs, but was almost identical with each dog I worked with.


I didn't realize I was using the same process each time for the first few years that I was doing it. But once I did realize it, I packaged it so that I could help each dog owner get the best results in a fool-proof way that's laid out from start to finish.

Your dog may not be aggressive. Maybe your dog is just too hyper, or chews on your things, runs off, pulls on the leash, jumps on people or just doesn't listen to you.

I designed the RD:60 program so that it's comprehensive enough to help any dog owner fix any behavior issue, but is still unique to you and your dog. It can help any dog, of any age, any size and any stage of life, to be the best version of themselves they can be.

A Reliable Dog in 60 Days, two ways.

I know I can help you achieve these things because I've helped hundreds of people just like you, do exactly this!

By the time training is done, you'll have your friends and family visiting saying "I wish my dog behaved that well!"

  • You'll have a dog that you can take on vacation with you without stress.

  • You'll be able to control how your dog interacts with other dogs and people.

  • Vet visits and groomer visits won't be a nightmare.

  • You'll want to spend more time with your dog and take them more places.

  • And best of all, you'll be happier and your dog will live a better quality of life​!

 Our goal is to bring balance to your life and your dog's life. My RD:60 program is designed to help you train your dog in the skills above. Once your dog has those 4 key components, it will then be much easier to address the individual issues you're experiencing along the way. 


Let's talk about what your dog is capable of.

Your dog will learn how to:

  • Understand OFF (no jumping)

  • Listen to "No"

  • Be Quiet when you say

  • Stay/Go to bed

  • Leave it/Drop it

  • Walk nicely on leash

  • Come when called

  • Be reliable off-leash (no running off, always comes when called)

  • Listen even when distracted, scared or upset


Your dog will STOP:

  • jumping up

  • ignoring commands

  • pulling, barking or lunging on leash

  • being too hyperactive and not calming down

  • running off or bolting out the front door

  • playing too rough with other dogs or the kids

  • chewing on your clothes, furniture, and other items.

  • having separation anxiety

  • having anxiety in general

  • guarding bones or toys

  • displaying aggressive behavior with dogs or people


All of this accomplished in 60 days or less!

Extra benefits:

  • Receive and learn how to use a special training collar for off-leash reliability and safety + other training tools are included.

  • Get a FREE canine apptitude test conducted by your trainer.

  • Virtual access to a trainer in between lessons via the Marco Polo app

  • Access to our private Client Facebook group to coordinate play-dates for socialization.

Good State of


Having a dog that knows a lot of commands is nice, but we also want your dog to be well-rounded mentally.

This means not having excessive amounts of fear or anxiety or living life without any sense of impulse control.

Your dog should be able to exist with dogs and other people calmly and not feel stressed about everyday events.



There's a lot of behaviors that involve good manners.

This includes not jumping up on guests, settling down on their bed when asked to, not barking frantically out the window every time the wind blows.

No stealing food, chewing, getting into the trash, stealing things to play "keep away", and knowing when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.



Calm leash walking without pulling you over when they see a squirrel.

Sitting and waiting calmly behind you when entering or exiting doors.

The ability to calmly lay on the floor when you're at the vet's office, a cafe or sitting on a park bench, even while other dogs are acting crazy and not listening to their owners.



Keep your front door open as you carry in groceries without worrying your dog will sneak out and run off.

Go to the park to throw the ball while your dog ignores other dogs and people and doesn't leave your side without permission.

Instead of leaving your dog at home, you can take your dog hiking or camping and not need to have your dog tied up, or always on a leash.


A Reliable Dog in 60 Days: Full Access- 


Throughout the program, I'll come to your home for a hands-on training session every other week for about an hour to walk you through the entire process, your dog will learn all their basic commands plus reliability around distractions AND off-leash training + behavior modification for any bad behavior, aggression issues or anxiety issues.

You'll also get lifetime access to my

RD:60 online program. This will help you apply the training at home, even when I'm not there. That way you're always making progress.

You'll get additional lifetime support from me after training either over phone, email or in-person if needed.

Includes any training equipment you may need for training.


A Reliable Dog in 60 Days: LITE-


You'll get 6 months access to my

RD:60 online program. This program will help you apply the training at home, even when I'm not there. That way you're always making progress.

I'll come see you at the beginning of the program, 30 days in, and at the end of the program. Because there are fewer sessions they're a little longer (2hrs) to make sure I'm helping you cover everything in the program and you still get the behavioral help you need. 

You'll get an additional 60 days of support from me via phone, email or in-person if needed.

Includes any equipment you may need for training.

This is only for people interested in training their dog to be their absolute best.

There is nothing basic about this program. If that's what you're looking for, we're not for you.

All programs come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Hyper GSD testimonial
Hyper GSD testimonial
4 dogs off leash and under control!
4 dogs off leash and under control!
Pensacola FL | client testimonial | Happy Hound Dog Training


Owned an anxious pit-mix

"Tara is an amazing dog trainer. She took my year old rescue from a dog with no manners and no obedience to a dog that gets compliments about his behavior. When I first got him he had food aggression issues, now he waits patiently in a sitting position looking at me until I give the command “okay eat!” I can also reach down and grab his food while he is in the middle of eating and he has no reaction. He had no leash manners and now I’ve gotten to the point where I can walk off leash with him with confidence...squirrels/cats no the rare occurrence he does get excited and start moving to chase one simple call of his name and he stops dead in his tracks! He now sits and stays! For a dog that never received socialization when he was younger Tara’s Saturday classes have helped him ten-fold! It is a great way to socialize, learn new techniques, and tricks my only regret is not being able to go to more! I would go nowhere else but Tara! It’s great getting compliments from people about his manners and behavior! Thanks Tara!"- Greg D.



Tried many other trainers & techniques

We came to Tara after using positive only training methods for a year. Unfortunately, we were still struggling with some basic commands like leash walking and focus around distractions. We spent many months researching all kinds of dog training- looking at scientific data and dog psychology reports. We felt positive training alone was not enough for our dog. We needed another way to communicate with him that he would understand. After spending 2,500 on positive enforcement training (6 trainers) and still not being able to walk him down the street we decided to give Tara a call. She was very professional and prompt in evaluating our situation and meeting with us. When she first met our dog she could tell he was trained but needed a little fine-tuning. Her methods are gentle and effective. She has many tools she uses from verbal training techniques to using different training tools. She was able to customize a program to fit our needs and now I can walk my dog down the street or better yet have him off leash and not have to worry about his safety or mine. He is a much happier dog who enjoys his freedom!! I understand many have opinions on balanced dog training, I also know most people dislike what they think they know versus what they actually know- my conclusion is this, dogs are animals. Period. We have to stop humanizing them- they do not talk to each other or give treats to each other. Watch a group of dogs interact- they communicate through touch, via mouth or paws- eye contact- barking. Ever seen a mother dog correct her pups? Growls and snaps- not treats. Allowing your dog to go untrained is more abusive than any method Tara uses. If your dog is well trained using positive only method great- but it’s not a one size fits all kind of world- some dogs require something more due to breed or personality. So if you are at the end of your rope- tried everything - give Tara a call- she is a miracle worker- loves dogs and truly a professional. - Katie S.



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