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I get a lot of clients who've previously tried puppy training classes at a big box store or facility and when they vent to me, this is what I usually hear:

I was just trying to get my puppy started out on the right foot by taking them to classes... but:

  • My dog learned how to do some basic commands like sit and lay down, but he won't do them without a treat.

  • Once we get home it's like all training goes out the window!

  • My puppy knows commands but he doesn't listen to the word NO!

  • He's still chewing on things, playing "keep away", still nipping us, scratching the kids, pulling on the leash and not listening!

  • I asked the puppy class trainer what to do about [insert problem behavior here] and they told me to just ignore my puppy or buy this special harness or use more treats.

If you've already taken your puppy to basic classes, you're probably nodding your head right now.


If you haven't taken your puppy to classes yet, then drop everything and read this:

I get it... 

Taking your puppy to a big-box store class while they're young just seems like "the right thing to do." 

And taking your puppy to basic classes is the right thing to do, especially for the socialization. But one of two things will likely happen after that class:

1.) You'll lose momentum after puppy class because that company doesn't offer any advanced training that prepares you for the rest of your dog's life.

2.) You'll try to continue training at other companies when your puppy gets older, only to struggle to find a dog training company that can help you get your now "adolescent" dog to listen in the real-world.

Clients come to us all the time because they've fallen victim to one of these pitfalls of corporate-store puppy classes.

Who's going to help you get your puppy to stop peeing in the house?
Or how to walk calmly on the leash without pulling or putting on the brakes?
Who's going to teach you how to get your puppy to stop chewing or stealing things?
How are you going to get your puppy to listen to commands WITHOUT treats? stay even when there are distractions around? come when called no matter what?

How are you going to make sure your PUPPY grows up to be a great DOG?

Our comprehensive puppy program has the solution to all of that.

No matter what your puppy is behaving like now, they can be well-mannered and a pleasure to live with or take in public. Even if he's a little immature right now, eventually you want him to be really well-trained DOG right?

Let's get started now! I can show you what to do to make sure that your puppy grows into a well-behaved dog as soon as possible.

My puppy clients get compliments from their vet all the time: "I've never seen a puppy this young who is so well-behaved!"

Before 1 year of age, our client's puppies:

- Listen to commands, even without the promise of a treat.

- Come when called, even when off-leash.

- Settle down when asked to.

- Don't jump up on people.

- Don't chew things up constantly.

- Are calm at the vet's office and groomer's, even when other dogs in the lobby aren't behaving.

- Walk calmly with slack in the leash no matter if at home or in public.

- And can do all of this even around distractions!


A lot of people don't believe me when I tell them this. People think I'm just overconfident or blowing smoke, but I know I can help you achieve these things because I've helped hundreds of people just like you, do exactly that!


That's why I created my Reliable Dog in 60 days program.


While puppies can be immature and training will take time and effort, it doesn't have to take years to have a well-mannered dog. You don't have to wait till your puppy "grows out of it" or gets older to start training. Start NOW!


When you start early and have the right training, your puppy can be more well-behaved than 90% of the adult dogs you see in public today and all before his first birthday!


I know this because I help people do it all the time. (Just read the reviews of our training below)

I designed the RD:60 program so that it's comprehensive enough to help any puppy owner fix any puppy issue (like nipping, peeing in the house, acting wild, chewing things up, or pulling on the leash), but is still designed to train your dog to be well behaved for a lifetime, not just address their behavior right now. Puppies often do SO well in this program, we even have time to teach them some really cute "parlor tricks" like rollover or play dead.



Before your puppy reaches their FIRST BIRTHDAY, he or she can learn:

Good State of


Having a dog that knows a lot of commands is nice, but we also want your dog to be well-rounded mentally.

This means not having excessive amounts of fear or anxiety or living life without any sense of impulse control.

Your dog should be able to exist with dogs and other people calmly and not feel stressed about everyday events.



There's a lot of behaviors that involve good manners.

This includes not jumping up on guests, settling down on their bed when asked to, not barking frantically out the window every time the wind blows.

No stealing food, chewing, getting into the trash, stealing things to play "keep away", and knowing when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.



Calm leash walking without pulling you over when they see a squirrel.

Sitting and waiting calmly behind you when entering or exiting doors.

The ability to calmly lay on the floor when you're at the vet's office, a cafe or sitting on a park bench, even while other dogs are acting crazy and not listening to their owners.



Keep your front door open as you carry in groceries without worrying your dog will sneak out and run off.

Go to the park to throw the ball while your dog ignores other dogs and people and doesn't leave your side without permission.

Take your dog hiking or camping without having to restrict them on-leash.



Owned an unruly Chocolate Lab pup.

Tara is very friendly and calm with you and your animal. She explains what she does and why you are doing something.She also doesn't just talk at you, she shows you, has you demonstrate and practice with her there and allows you to ask questions without feeling silly or ignorant. I went from having a puppy that had me in tears everyday to truly enjoying and appreciating my dog now that I know how to better speak the same language. She never suggested anything even remotely "harsh" with my pup and he reacted well to her. He is still a puppy and when we take him out in public others are very impressed with his behavior as it is. She also offers support for you when you are done. She isnt going to take youre money and run.

You wont go wrong working with her and you wont regret it.

So here's how it works...

Sign your puppy up for our drop-in classes.

If your puppy is 5 months and under, you'll need a little "prerequisite" dog training to prepare your puppy for the advanced things they'll learn in later training. This is where our Puppy drop-in class comes in. It's a drop-in, subscription-based group class where you'll come to learn all the basics of raising a puppy and preparing them for the real-world. We'll cover introductions to coming when called, leash walking, basic commands and solving common problems like potty training, nipping/chewing, plus bad-behavior solutions and prevention.

Graduate your puppy into the RD:60 program. (optional)

Once your puppy reaches 5 months, they're ready to start advanced training. After puppy class, you have the option to move your puppy to Phase 2 which enters our "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" program. This program will match you with a trainer who will work with you privately in our facility to take all the basic skills your puppy learned in class and make them reliable for the real-world. Not everyone graduates their puppy to this program, but after working with us and seeing the power of Happy Hound's training, most do.

This program is for people who are willing to invest time in an enjoyable, worry-free companion, for life!

This program is for you if:

You'd like to:

  • Take your dog hiking off-leash in the woods or at the beach and let them do what dogs do... have fun!

  • Let your dog walk with you to the mailbox every morning without worry that he'll take off.

  • Enjoy company in your home where your dog doesn't jump and greets guests calmly.

  • Look forward to taking a long peaceful walk with your dog after work instead of it being a chore.

  • Have a bond with your dog that is stronger than with any other dog you've had.

  • Impress your friends, family and even your vet with how well-mannered your dog is for their age!

  • You're ready and willing to do the work to make all this happen!

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You're just looking for something "cheap and fast".  We're known for our results. Those results take time.

  • You don't want a transformation that will make you happier and give your dog more freedom.

  • You don't mind that your dog doesn't listen, pulls on the leash, chews things up or does other naughty things.

  • You aren't willing to make changes that will drastically improve your bond with your dog.

  • You aren't interested in having a well-trained companion for the next 10-15 years.

8 months old-stays and comes when called.


Had been through several "puppy classes".

Although our puppy had been through three complete 6-week obedience sessions at a big name pet store and even attained her Good Canine Citizen status, we were still having issues with her being rowdy, jumping up (she weighs 50 lbs), pulling and lunging while on leash, etc. We noticed a huge difference in Liberty with our first session with Tara! She would walk without pulling us over and even my husband, who had a fractured back and balance issues at the time, could walk her without concern of pain or being pulled over. She has since, with just a couple more of Tara's sessions, learned to calm herself, perfect recall, and much more. Tara explains the canine psyche and takes you step-by-step through how to get the results you want. Liberty has truly become the companion dog we were wanting. I could not more highly recommend Happy Hound Dog Obedience



Got a Belgian Malinois for Christmas!

One word...mali-gator! Two years ago, my husband bought a Belgian Malinois for our family as a surprise Christmas present. It was very very very hard for the first several months, but with the proper training and reinforcement, Kobe has turned out to the best Christmas present ever!

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