Our "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" dog training program is unique to Happy Hound. Very rarely will you find a trainer who already has a plan for training your dog before they even meet him, but we do. About 90% of this program includes a process we've used to get results with dogs time and again. The other 10% of the program is personalized to address your dog as the individual that they are and resolve more specific problems.

Even if feel like you've tried everything or have hired other trainers before, we can help.

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People who want well-behaved dogs should hire a trainer who can help them in all four of these areas:

Good State of


Having a dog that knows a lot of commands is nice, but we also want your dog to be well-rounded mentally.

This means not having excessive amounts of fear or anxiety, not feeling the need to bite, nip, lunge or even attack.

Your dog should be able to exist with dogs and other people calmly and not feel stressed about everyday events.



There's a lot of behaviors that involve good manners.

This includes not jumping up on guests, settling down on their bed when asked to, not barking frantically out the window every time the wind blows.

No stealing food, chewing, getting into the trash, stealing things to play "keep away", and knowing when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.



Calm leash walking without pulling you over when they see a squirrel.

Sitting and waiting calmly behind you when entering or exiting doors.

The ability to calmly lay on the floor when you're at the vet's office, a cafe or sitting on a park bench, even while other dogs are acting crazy and not listening to their owners.



Keep your front door open as you carry in groceries without worrying your dog will sneak out and run off.

Go to the park to throw the ball while your dog ignores other dogs and people and doesn't leave your side without permission.

Instead of leaving your dog at home, you can take your dog hiking or camping and not need to have your dog tied up.



We're located in East Milton and welcome customers all over the Gulf Coast to visit and train at our facility.


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