Many Dogs

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You look for


Your dog is doing something embarrassing, frustrating or dangerous. You search for solutions.

Try advice that doesn't work

You scour the internet for tips or take your dog to a class. You put in the work, day after day, week after week.

Struggle & get frustrated

You're applying all the advice but it's not working! You're getting discouraged and probably frustrated too!


You love your dog and you believe deep down in your soul that this issue can be fixed. So, you search for more advice.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I'm embarrassed, frustrated and sometimes even scared about my dog's behavior.

  • My dog only listens when he "feels like it" or when I have treats.

  • My dog would ignore me if something more interesting was going on.


  • I've looked for advice on the internet, but it's all so confusing!

  • The methods I'm trying at home just aren't working, no matter how consistent I try to be.

  • And worst of all, I'm having to adjust everyday life to manage my dog's negative behavior...


  • If this sounds like you, you're not alone! The good news is, I've helped hundreds of dog owners just like you. I can teach you the secrets to resolving behavioral issues and raising a well-behaved dog.

The internet confusing dog owners:


There's a ton of conflicting dog training information out there today. Many dog owners feel "stuck" and aren't able to determine fact from fiction. One source says "Distract him with a treat!" and the other says "You have to show him you're the Alpha."... and none of it works! Right? Well, the good news is, with our balanced approach, you can teach your dog how to be cool and collected even around triggers and distractions. 

Bad behavior is just a "symptom" of...

A lack of training and impulse control:


Excited dogs don't make good choices. In order to teach your dog impulse control, they need more than "basic" commands. When you tell your dog to come, they need to learn to "drop everything" and come back to you immediately. When you tell your dog to "stay" they need to learn that they must stay no matter the distraction. If you're struggling to control your dog, you don't need "basic obedience". You need advanced obedience that's reliable around distractions.

Sensitivity to distractions/triggers:


Does your dog act like a kid at Disneyland when they get around distractions? Or maybe your dog thinks the world is a scary place and wants to hide when a leaf blows by? What if your dog had the self-control to go anywhere with you and it wouldn't be a chore to include them? What would your life look like then? What would guests coming to your home look like, visiting a restaurant or going on vacation? What if your dog could go from being worked up by everything to being completely unphased by distractions? This is something we help our clients with every day and quite successfully.

Good State of


Having a dog that knows a lot of commands is nice, but we also want your dog to be well-rounded mentally.

This means not having excessive amounts of fear or anxiety or living life without any sense of impulse control.

Your dog should be able to exist with dogs and other people calmly and not feel stressed about everyday events.



There's a lot of behaviors that involve good manners.

This includes not jumping up on guests, settling down on their bed when asked to, not barking frantically out the window every time the wind blows.

No stealing food, chewing, getting into the trash, stealing things to play "keep away", and knowing when it's time to play and when it's time to relax.



Calm leash walking without pulling you over when they see a squirrel.

Sitting and waiting calmly behind you when entering or exiting doors.

The ability to calmly lay on the floor when you're at the vet's office, a cafe or sitting on a park bench, even while other dogs are acting crazy and not listening to their owners.



Keep your front door open as you carry in groceries without worrying your dog will sneak out and run off.

Go to the park to throw the ball while your dog ignores other dogs and people and doesn't leave your side without permission.

Take your dog hiking or camping without restricting them with a leash!

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