Why I Love My Clients in East Hill Pensacola.

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

East Hill is the quaint and charming neighborhood of Pensacola. There's the breathtaking murals, the delightful shops on Palafox, the tree tunnel on 12th, the Grafitti bridge, the charasmatic houses and the delightful parks. I can see why people truly love living in East Hill. But as a dog trainer, there is a nuance about dog owners who live in this area that I absolutely love working with.

These people want their dogs to be true companions.

They couldn't imagine having a cup of Joe at Fosco's or having lunch on the pier without their dog sitting under a table enjoying the sights with them. They envision patroning the cute shops while their dog happily sneaks a treat from the lady working the register. They want to take selfies with their dog in front of the murals or the pelican on Palafox Pier. People love visiting the parks where they can watch their children run, climb jungle gyms and play ball with the dog.

"This is a dog trainer's dream. Dogs and people living together in perfect harmony in a urban environment. "

But things aren't always so great. There are reactive dogs, feral cats to chase, tons of trees with wiley squirrels and parks that can't be enjoyed by dog owners if they aren't fenced in.

I can imagine that living with an untrained dog in East Hill could sometimes seem like prison. There's so many distractions your dog would need to ignore. Which is where I come in.

I help dog owners in East Hill enjoy the community to it's finest alongside their four-legged companions. I teach the citizens of this neighborhood how to have dogs who ignore that little yappy dog at the end of his leash, dogs that come when called even when they pass "the crazy cat lady's" house who feeds all the neighborhood cats. We teach their dog just how dangerous cars are and that they need to stop when their owner stops and walk calmly on busy streets. I help dog owners train their dogs to be reliable off leash so they can throw a ball at the park nearest to their house instead of always having to go to the chaotic dog parks.

These dedicated dog owners understand the importance of having a dog who listens and can ignore distractions. It's my pleasure to serve this beautiful community and all the responsible dog owners in it.

I love you East Hill and I thank you for allowing me to teach you and your dog how to enjoy this city at the highest level.

Live in East Hill and need help with your dog?

Find me here: www.HappyHoundFL.com

Until next time,

Tara Siefring- Dog Trainer.

Tara is a dog trainer helping struggling dog owners have extraordinary dogs in the Navarre, Milton and Pensacola areas. She got her start as a struggling dog owner herself which was her fuel to learn the skills to help others. Today, she's helped nearly two thousand dog owners all over Northwest Florida learn how to be better leaders to their pets so that their dogs can be better companions for the family. Hire Tara or learn more at www.happyhoundfl.com




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