The Good Dog Workbook: How to Have a Better Dog in 7 Days.

Hey there! I'm Tara and I'm here to give you the skills you need to start getting your dog on the right track.

Who am I you might ask?

Well, I'm nobody special. I'm just a dog trainer living in Northwest Florida. I'm a new mother and military wife of 7 years, trying to juggle owning a business and being a "family woman". But my business? I think my business is pretty special. You can decide for yourself after reading this book and checking us out ;)

Since 2013 my business has helped 2,000 struggling dog owners learn how to have extraordinary dogs. We were voted runner up for best on the coast 2018 (local press) and our clients sing our praises all the way from Gulf Shores Alabama to Pensacola Florida. That may be a small area to some, but for a one-woman-dog-training-show, I'd say that radius of clientele is pretty impressive! We specalize in resolving problem behavior in pet dogs all the way from pulling on the leash and jumping on guests, to fear and aggression problems.

Fair warning, I'm going to be giving you some tough love in this book. So many families are struggling with their dog’s behavior, and a lot of the struggle is based on lack of proper leadership between dogs and humans. The word “Dominance” has such a bad connotation with humans, and it all boils down to leadership. Someone has to lead, the human or the dog. Most clients end up calling us because of the dog has taken over the leadership role. Most of the time, what we feel is love to our dogs, is actually empowering them to commit bad behavior and "run the show" in our lives. It can, in some cases, even lead to very dangerous and aggressive behavior. We at Happy Hound Dog Obedience try to make it as easy as possible for both human and dog to fully understand our training philosophy. We strive to make both dogs and humans live much more happy, content and stress free lives together. Most folks go about their day missing lots of “learning” opportunities with their dog. Some of these opportunities consist of allowing a dog to rush out of crates, rush through doorways, in and out of cars and pulling owners on walks. These are wonderful times to build communication with your dog. This book will outline some things that we feel are important for establishing some great leadership opportunities. They can easily be worked into part of your daily life, and don’t take much effort. At the same time, these simple implications mean a lot in the eyes of your dog, and can dramatically reduce or even eliminate bad behavior.

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