Daycare Services

Do you feel guilty that your dog has to stay home alone for 8+ hours a day? Looking for socialization and mental stimulation for your dog? Our doggy daycare is one of the best in the area, supervised by a professional trainer with 10 years of dog training and behavior experience!

Traditional Daycare Services

Inappropriate play

Many of the doggy daycares you entrust with your furry friend are chaotic and without structure. This can lead to things like inappropriate play and bullying from other dogs which can teach your dog to be reactive and defensive towards other dogs and isn't a healthy experience.

Inexperienced Staff

Many doggy daycares tend to hire "cheap labor" meaning they often hire young people with no dog savviness or experience which only contributes to the problem of inappropriate play.

No Discipline

If another dog in daycare were bullying your dog, you'd want the attendant to do something about it, wouldn't you? At Happy Hound, we love and care for all the dogs in our care... that includes sticking up for your dog when another dog is acting inappropriately!

No structure

Many doggy daycares will just throw the entire group of dogs together and that can be a big problem! Some dogs play softly, while other dogs play rough. Putting your dog with the right group is essential to ensuring that they have a positive experience every day they're at daycare.

Happy Hound Daycare Services

Expert Supervision

Our doggy daycare attendees are also professional dog trainers who can recognize the signs of inappropriate play and nip them in the bud quickly so your dog can stay in a healthy state of play all day long!

Each Staff Member has at least 3yrs experience.

As said before, your doggy daycare attendants are also professional trainers. Happy Hound only employes trainers with previous dog training and behavior experience.

Fair & Humane Boundaries

We love dogs and would never do anything to harm or scare your dog. However, it's important that they learn boundaries to stay safe- and that their playmates learn the boundaries too!

Play-Style Groups

Your dog will only play with the group he fits in best with. This could include every dog in the building, or just a few. Either way, we want to make sure your dog leaves each day not just tired, but happy & socially fulfilled. We also want to avoid any negative experiences for your dog.


Doggy Daycare rates are charged on a monthly subscription basis.

01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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We're located in East Milton and welcome customers all over the Gulf Coast to visit and train at our facility.


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TUES-FRI: 11am-4pm

SAT: 9am-12pm 


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