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Group Classes

Group classes offer you and your dog the chance to learn alongside others working towards the same goals. 

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Beginner Obedience

This class is for dogs with no previous training. In our 6-week class, your dog will learn basic manners and impulse control. Commands covered include name recognition, loose-leash walking introduction, recall, leave it, sit, down and place command. 

Walking with Dogs
Intermediate Obedience

This 6-week class is for dogs who have mastered the skills taught in Beginner Obedience, Now we start to add in  distance, duration & distractions. Commands covered include sit stay, down stay, stand, heel, and much more.

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Advanced Obedience

This class is offered to students who have completed Intermediate Obedience. We offer more opportunities to practice learned skills and improve reliability. This class offers field trips to practice real-world situations. 

Competition Prep Class

In this class you'll refine your skills to get ready to step into the ring for competition obedience. We work on advanced heelwork, competition items and practice run-throughs.

Intro to Sports

Want to get started in dog sports but don't know where to start? In this four week class, your dog will be introduced to rally, agility, nose work, and more. Come try this class to find which sport is your dog's favorite!

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Beginner Rally

Rally is the perfect starting point to anyone wanting to compete with their dog. You and your dog will learn the signs, footwork and more to successfully move your way through the course with your best friend at your side. 

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can help get you started in the right class.