Why do I have to schedule a call to get in touch with you?

In this area, dog trainers are in short supply. A common complaint I get from people is that they call and email dog trainers and get no response or the trainers didn't meet expectations. My training isn't like the rest. What I bring to the table is something truly unique which means it's in very high demand in an already limited market. Because of this, I have to have an organized way to ensure that you get good customer service. The effort I will put into training you and your dog is incomparable to what you'll get with any other trainer. With that said, it's the human who usually needs the most training vs. the dog. In a market where trainers are overwhelmed with demand, I have to know you'll take this seriously and can follow directions (which I'm sure you can because you're a very smart and committed dog owner!). Having people schedule calls with me is my way of making sure that I get in touch with ALL my prospects and we're a good fit. Get all the info here!


How does the sign-up process work?

Your first step would be to book a call with me here. Once we have a chance to talk, we can find out which program is best for you. Once you've committed to a program I'll send you a link to enroll which you can do all from one page! You'll register and pay for your training, and then I will get in touch with you to book all the lessons within your training program.


What happens if I don't see results from training? Is there a guarantee?

Realistically, I cannot guarantee that your dog (as the animal they are) will listen 100% at all times after training. There are too many factors out of my control. This includes owner consistency, environmental factors and much more.

However, during training, we make HUGE turn-arounds on dogs and client's lives here at Happy Hound and I will be here for your dog's lifetime to help you with any "speed bumps" you may encounter with your dog in the future. All I ask is that you choose a program that is realistic to your dog's needs. If I can't help you improve your dog's behavior in that amount of time, I'll provide you extended training at no extra charge, or I'll refund you the full amount.


Do you use pinch collars or e-collars?

In short, yes, but not in the ways you might think:

Most of the time when people think about these types of training tools, they think about their parent's or grandparent's type of dog training, a time when training was more heavy-handed and much of a dog's obedience was taught without positive associations.

At Happy Hound your dog WILL NOT be trained with fear or intimidation, but with kindness, expert techniques and a focus on the relationship between dog and handler/owner. The philosophies of modern day dog training have evolved tremendously in the past few decades and the old "yank and crank" style training is becoming an outdated thing of the past. So while some modern dog trainers still use these tools, they're are likely not using them in ways you may think.


To learn more about exactly how we use these tools see our about us page here.


How do these lessons work?

I typically come to your home once a week for a predetermined amount of lessons. The lessons are about 1-1.5hrs. I'll be training you on what techniques to use to get your dog to be the most social and obedient version of themselves that they can be, step-by-step. We start with the basics and build on that as we go, including getting your dog to listen around big distractions and having great obedience. I mostly serve clients in Pensacola, Navarre, Milton, Gulf Breeze. Exceptions are sometimes made for people outside that area but may require a little bit of an extra wait to get started. Since I drive to several people's homes each day, I have to make sure I have enough time to get from my last client, to your place, but we can make it work!


Do you offer evening or weekend lessons?

I have a young child so during the weekdays I am bound to his daycare schedule. This means for Milton/Pace clients, the last available appointment time of the day will be 4pm and for everyone else, 3:30pm. I do offer Saturday lessons from 9am-12pm but in those cases, the client must travel to my location. There is no reduction in cost for Saturday lessons because of the reverse travel.


How much do you charge?

The short answer is, it depends. I'd love to talk to you about your situation and needs. I'd also like the opportunity to explain/show you how my training works and how I'm able to guarantee results. Officially, our training programs start at about $600 and go up from there though I have customized programs in the past for less and occasionally offer one-time lessons. If you're committed to training your dog, I want to be able to help you regardless of your budget. We also offer installments and financing on our larger programs. I guarantee that if you do training with me, are committed to your homework, and do not see any results, I'll provide more training at no extra cost, or refund the full amount.



We currently ONLY serve Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze.

Please see our list of other trusted trainers HERE for someone in your area.


Training Appointment Hours:


TUES-FRI: 11am-4pm

SAT: 9am-12pm 


Find us:


5496 Heatherton Rd.

Milton FL 32570

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