Dog Training in Pensacola

You're less than 60 days away from having a Reliable Dog!

Imagine your dog listening to you the first time, every time and being reliable even off leash and around distrations! Is life with your dog frustrating, painful or embarrassing? Not anymore.


Voted one of the BEST dog trainers on the coast.

-by Inweekly magazine Pensacola FL.

Industry-Leading Guarantee

One of the only dog training companies that "puts their money where their mouth is". Ensuring that you'll get the results you're looking for.

Unique 60-Day Program

Our unique "Reliable Dog in 60 days" program will help you eliminate problem behaviors quickly and humanely while teaching your dog reliable, good behavior.

Have the dog of your dreams.

Take your dog on a hike, go camping or just relax in your own yard. Trust that your dog will stay close and listen to your commands no matter the distraction.


Tara Siefring: Founder

After struggling with her own dog many years ago and hiring trainers to no avail, Tara founded Happy Hound to bring a unique solution to dog owners specifically needing help with behavioral issues.

Aggression and more.

If you're dealing aggression, anxiety, or fear issues, you're not alone. We've worked with hundreds of dogs with your problems and we know how to help lessen or even eliminate these problems.

Any breed, any size, any age.

No matter your dog's size, breed, age or issue, we can help get your dog on the right track in 60-days-or-less.


Some of the dogs and people I've worked with.