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Board & Train

So you think you want to send your dog to Board & Train? Check below to help answers some of your questions. 

We understand it's a HUGE commitment to send your dog to a board and train program. It's important to ask questions and we are happy to answer! 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Where does my dog stay in your program? 

  • During all of our programs, your dog stays in our home like one of our dogs. Your dog receives individualized care all day throughout their training. Each dog is also under video surveillance in their crate when not directly supervised.

Will I receive updates while my dog is in training?

  • Of course! We want you to always know how your dog is doing. We send updates throughout your dog's training through text and Marco Polo. If you have a question at any point during your dog's stay, feel free to text us. 


What happens if my dog gets hurt during their time with you?

  • We strive to care for every dog in our care just like they are our dogs. In the case that something happens, we contact you first! If we need to, we have an emergency vet on call that we will contact so you can take your dog to the vet, or we get your permission to take your dog to the vet ourselves. 

Will my dog get to have fun during his training or is it all work?

  • We like to have fun around here and we make training fun for your dog! But don't worry, each dog gets playtime and enrichment throughout the day dependent on their situation. We work your dog's mind and their body too. Fido will have so much fun, he'll think he's on vacation!

What do I need to bring?

  • Enough food for their stay, a normal 6ft leash (no flexi leads), a collar with tag & your personal info (or need to be microchipped), any medication your dog is taking with written instructions. We also ask for a paper copy of your dog’s vaccination records. That's it!

  • We have crates, bowls, treats so those are not needed unless your dog has special dietary needs.

  • Please don't send anything with your dog that MUST come back home (other than medicine). Things do sometimes get lost here..​

What about follow-up training?

  • Some trainers will turn your dog back over and disappear without any way to follow up. No need to worry, we're not going anywhere. You get 30 days of follow-up training with our Board and Train program! This is for you to use in any way you want. We can do private lessons, a follow up stay or virtual coaching. You also have access to our lesson handouts even after training is over. We're here for the lifetime of your dog, so if something comes up- let us know how we can help!


Do you guarantee your training?

  • Realistically, I cannot guarantee that your dog (as the animal they are) will listen 100% at all times after training. There are too many factors out of my control. This includes owner consistency, environmental factors and much more. However, during training, we make HUGE turn-arounds on dogs and client's lives here at Happy Hound and I will be here for your dog's lifetime to help you with any "speed bumps" you may encounter with your dog in the future.

What if my dog’s is on a special diet?

  • Of course! We've worked with dogs with all diets. We want your dog to maintain their healthy lifestyle while they're in our care. We're happy to help with raw fed diets, kibble or anything in between.