Agility is a great way to exercise, build your bond and enjoy a new sport with your dog!

Agility is the exciting sport that combines jumping, weaving, running, climbing and more into one! Our classes are welcoming to all levels from serious competitors to those just beginning. 

Classes Offered: 

  • Beginners Agility  

  • Intermediate Agility 

  • Advanced Agility

  • Drop In Competition Agility

Each class is six weeks, costs $150 and builds on the next level. If you've already started agility lessons or have a foundation in training, contact us to determine which level you should start in.  

Dogs must be at least 6 months to begin agility lessons and have at least foundation obedience. 

Image by Murilo Viviani

If you're looking for one-on-one lessons, we offer private lessons to work on particular skills and drills. Private lessons are offered for 30 minutes, cost is $20.


Drop In Agility 

Drop in Competition Agility is for those already competing in agility. Every other Saturday I set a new, nested course and allow you to practice in the ring rental type format.

There is no instruction during this time, rather another opportunity to practice a trial like situation in a low-stress environment. Cost is $20 for the month.

Have a particular course or obstacle you want to work? Shoot me an email and I'm happy to try to accommodate!