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Owner/Master Trainer & creator of the "Reliable Dog in 60 Days" Program

I'm Tara. The founder of Happy Hound and if you're struggling with your dog, I know exactly how you're feeling.


8 years ago I struggled with my own dog, Brutus. I read article after article, watched hours of YouTube videos, sought out help from professional trainers, went to my vet, even hired an Animal-Psychic! Sadly, I got nowhere. My dog lost his life all those years ago because I was misguided and misinformed. Click here to read more about Brutus' story.


Since 2013, I've dedicated my life to helping struggling dog owners get real answers for their dog's behavior and live a life with their dogs that they never thought possible.

As far as my personal life: I'm a military wife and mom to a sweet 2yr old boy <- that's my other full-time job! Weekends at the Siefring house consist of at-home theatre style movie watching (we love a good movie and popcorn!) and long walks or hikes with the dogs. My husband is a ametuer pit-master of sorts and loves having BBQ's for just us family or for many! We're a tight knit family who treat friends like family and love entertaining the ones we love.

I have 2 tabby cats along with a 2yr old St. Bernard and a 6yr old Australian Shepherd. We love our animals and find lots of joy in spending time with them.

Click here to call me if you're interested in private lessons OR your dog needs rehabilitation.



Pro Dog Trainer- Boarding School & Evening/Weekend Services

I'm Coreena, and I'm your go-to trainer at Happy Hound if you're looking for board and train for your dog or need evening or weekend one-on-one lessons.

I've always had a love for all things living: animals, plants, babies, you name it! (I have a 1 yr old daughter that I love to pieces and I'm an avid gardener) But my first career choice led me on a path to something totally unexpected! During my enlistment in the Navy, I formed a bond with our ship's mascot-dog during my enlistment. I loved teaching him tricks and commands. It really helped boost morale on the ship too which made me happy. From there blossomed a love for dog training that has taken me on this journey I'm on now.


I've been a professional dog trainer for 5 years and aside from training our mascot-dog, I've been a puppy-raiser for service dog organizations, worked under hunting dog specialists, and spent a couple of years working for a franchised dog training company. I prefer the small business feel and love being a part of the team. Tara only hires the best and I'm honored to be considered part of the Happy Hound dream team. This is a great place to work!

During boarding school, your dog will be in a comfortable home with me and my family instead of a loud, crowded boarding kennel. While your dog's stay with me they'll be treated like my own. They'll get quality care and exercise along with daily enrichment, socialization with my two dogs, and of course, training per the Happy Hound gold standard! I'll also be taking them with me to the Happy Hound field trips we host with our other clients to teach them good manners around other dogs, new people, and other distractions. You're also welcome to bring your dogs to these field trips after they come home.

Click here to call me if you're interested in Boarding School.

Our Training Methods:

There's a common saying in the dog training industry "Get three dog trainers in a room and the only thing two of them will agree on, is what the third is doing wrong." Silly, but it's true. Dog trainers are very diverse in their methods and "beliefs".


Long ago, dog owners only had two types of trainers to choose from.


The first option was dog trainers who call themselves "purely positive" or "force-free". This group believes that dogs should only be trained with treats and praise and never be punished for their bad behavior.


The second option was a group of people whose training methods were "old-school", typically passed down from a previous generation. The old school methods worked for getting dogs to obey, but they were heavy-handed and relied on the idea "I am the man, you are the dog and if you won't listen, I'll make you listen."


The purely positive option sounds really nice, but the problem is...


This is the Real World. There are cars to chase, strange things to sniff, and people to jump on!


Your dog isn't always going to be tricked by a cookie. Even if they were, is that really the kind of relationship you want with your dog? Where the only way to get them to listen is by bribing them with food?

The more authoritative option was effective, but people soon realized that wasn't the kind of relationship they wanted either.


They wanted their dogs to obey but do so with heart. So dog owners and enthusiasts alike were stuck in limbo, until a better option arrived. Today it's called balanced training.


I lie somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. I want you and your dog to have a great relationship and have fun training! But I also want them to be a safe and enjoyable dog to live with.


Training doesn't have to be frustrating for either one of you. It is possible for both human and dog to enjoy your training while having fun and building a loving relationship. We combine a mix of all types of training methods (including positive reinforcement) to help you train your dog.

However, as I said before, this is the real world.... 


Sometimes your dog is going to do things that are dangerous, or that cost you a lot of money or stress.


Your dog must understand that there are consequences to his behavior, but with the growth of technology and new found dog training methods, we don't have to do it the "old-school" way anymore.

With that being said, our goal is to help you train your dog so well (with mostly postive reinforcement), that when corrections have to come in, they're few and far between.


One of my favorite things to do is to help people train their dog to be reliable off-leash.


Dogs are animals. They were meant to run, play, sniff and explore. Exploration helps their state of mind and there's nothing better than a dog who can be trusted off a leash. I help my clients accomplish that every day by teaching them how to use modern dog training tools and technology. Read more about that here.


All in all, I just want you and your dog to be happy and live a great life together, whatever that looks like for you. That may seem impossible now, but let me show you just how capable of good behavior your dog truly is. Book a call with us now and we can talk all about it.


With Love,







We're located in East Milton and welcome customers all over the Gulf Coast to visit and train at our facility.


Training Appointment Hours:


TUES-FRI: 11am-4pm

SAT: 9am-12pm 


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6586 Caroline St.

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